So here I am again with another road trip of photos. I hope you enjoy all the crazy things I get to see while driving, stopped in traffic or in parking lots trying not to get noticed with my camera in hand 😀

Yes people here think of their pets as children or even grandchildren !!!!

Snip-it’s is a salon for children to get their hair cut. They have theme parties also and it looks like a really cool place the decor is amazing 😀

Butterflies and flip-flops perfect for summer 😀

Or you could use those flip-flops on the beach at Montauk Point the very eastern tip of Long Island 😀

The North Fork of Long Island is so pretty there are lot’s of farms and vineyards there …… Montauk is on the South Fork that is where the Hamptons are 😀

OH we have a couple with a kid in a stroller, and a giant pet by the looks of those paw prints !!

I thought of Lory as soon as I saw this plate her son Jordan is a Marine : )

I think most of the towns here have Farmers Markets every weekend lot’s of farms here like to sell fresh fruit and veggies 😀

Not sure of the meaning but I thought it meant Walk on ?

I thought this one was very cool !!! It says Summer Wind, it was pouring rain and I had to try to take the photo though my window that’s why it came out screwed up 😀

This one was so crazy looking !!! I think maybe it has something to do with a ZOO ?

OMG !! Those ducks were so cute but I didn’t get a good shot and they were facing the other way 😀

One complete dog or cat 😀

Lot’s of Swimmer Dudes on Long Island 😀

How about a Pom Mom 😀

Or maybe a Bunny Mum 😀

Well I know there are so many photos to look at but these last 4 gave me a good LOL when I was leaving the supermarket the other day 😀

I wonder WHO that could be ?????? Is it some famous person visiting my town ? Or maybe it’s just some weird person that likes to play the Harmonica ……… I think you may be surprised to see who it is they are surely very talented and strong 😀

One very talented Chipmunk 😀

And someone who definitely shares my love of SQUIRRELS !!!

But I know I will NOT put all those things on my car ……..

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing all the crazy stuff people do to their cars here it lets us share our interests and passions together in this world 😀