Get Ready For One Direction’s Big Screen Debut!

The lads from One Direction are making their big screen debut this summer with their documentary One Direction: This Is Us, out in theatres August 30th. Are you ready?! We’ve been ready for this day since these handsome lads first showed their faces on American soil, and they’ve been singing their ways into our hearts ever since. To get prepped for the movie, there are some pretty awesome thing to do to show much you love 1D. Join us on this journey of One Direction discovery.

Global 1D Challenge: Got some time to kill and a lot of 1D knowledge to share? Test your knowledge with quizzes, challenges and more!

Global Trailer Remix: Did you watch the trailer and think, “Man, I could do better”? Great! Now’s your chance. With the Trailer Remix, you can make your own version of the trailer for this hotly anticipated flick. When you’re done, share your masterpiece and wait for that Oscar nomination to roll in.All your videos get published to this dedicated YouTube channel, too!

Global Meme Generator: All those publicity stills are missing one crucial thing – your wit! This one is super easy – pick a movie still, put your text on it and share your brilliance with the masses!

Tumblr 1D Gif Timeline: Pictures are boring, video takes too long, but the GIF is the world’s most perfect art form.Watch the timeline of One Direction’s ascent to greatness grow on Tumblr and add your GIF-tribution!

Tugg Private Screening: This movie is going to be crazy so check out this awesome chance to see One Direction: This Is Us three days early, in a private screening in your hometown!