Question Of The Day: Do You Have A Favorite School Memory?

Most of my years at school are a blur. It wasn’t that I wasn’t paying attention, well that isn’t true, so I’ll just stop right there. I have a strange ability to remember a lot of things and half of the time, I already knew what the teachers were talking about because I had already read about whatever during my summers spent reading encyclopedia set. That’s also how I learned how to knit.

See how good I am at knitting?

Most of my memories of school are of my friends and I acting a fool far away from everyone else as we talked about video games, sad music, and angry things. They probably aren’t that much fun to read about so I will spare you all the deep sorrowful exchanges about bad poetry and how everything was awful.

Guess which South Park Goth Kid I was? GUESS

Anyway, which memory about school (any grade or whatever you call them in your native land) or college/uni stands out the most to you? Tell me things. Go!

What’s your favorite school memory?