Question Of The Day: Who’s Your Favorite Disney Princess?

We do a lot of Disney themed everything on Buzznet but I don’t think we’ve ever had a “who’s your favorite Disney princess?” QOTD. Have we? Ugh. I can’t remember anything anymore. Well, I can, it’s just that everything is blurring together in my twilight years. Thanks, brain. Oh and thanks Google for returning no search results for my query.

I don’t know if I have a favorite Disney princess. TBH, I haven’t even seen every Disney princess themed movie out there so, there’s that.

Also, the princesses aren’t really my thing. I’m more into the villains. We can talk about Disney villains later, if it pleases you.

My Queen.

Hay Gurl

Feel free to use all the gifs you want to talk about your favorite Disney princesses. Don’t forget to tell me “why” you like the princess you’ve chosen. Get to it!

Who’s your favorite Disney princess?