Put Your Records On: Garbage Celebrates 18 Years!

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Today marks Garbage‘s self-titled debut album’s 18th anniversary! Garbage was released on August 15, 1995. I was only 7 years old at the time. That baffles me. I remember seeing the video for “Stupid Girl” on MTV and VH1 back when reality TV wasn’t ruining our nation. Good times.

I didn’t become a Garbage fan until 2003, and it was perfect timing. I’m sure you all know my love for this band as I’ve expressed how much they mean to me countless times. This album, along with all of Garbage’s albums, got me through so much. Whenever I see that pink feather cover, I immediately feel at ease. I even have a clock in my bedroom in honor of this album…and a gigantic poster. OK, I’m obsessed.

Today the band posted this on their official Facebook page: