People Better At Being Madonna Than Madonna

Well, I wouldn’t necessarily say “better.” The following people are, however, pretty damn bad ass at releasing their inner Madonn-i, if I may say so myself. As I sit here and listen to “Lucky Star” and “Burning Up,” I can remember rolling around on the floor a la Madonna in her MTV debut for “Like A Virgin” whenever it came on the television. I don’t know how far down the river of de-Nile my parents were in the raft they built out of shame when this happened but it’s not about me, it’s about Madonna.

There are two types of people in this world, those that love Madonna and those that do not. For all those of you that don’t, turn off your computer, put your head on your desk, and take a nap because you’re tired. For the rest of us, let’s take a look at some people taking us to the Islas Bonitas inside the oceans of their souls.

Anita Waistline – Material Girl

Take the money and run girl!

Venus D Lite – True Blue

Venus is . ~ * F L A W L E S S * ~ .

Shadonna – Vogue

Period dress? CheckFan movements? CheckAll that’s missing are the back up dancers. This performance is what happens after many hours of pausing and rewinding video tapes to learn your favorite dance routines.

Melissa Totten – Madonna Impersonator Extraordinaire

Starts off a bit strange but homegirl has Madonna down to a S C I E N C E.

ScorpioMatt – Vogue (Girlie Show)

First, we’re going to need some reference:

And here’s Matty (woof btw)

Take a bow, Matty. Take a bow.

Shaun Sperling – Bar Mitzvah Magic Hour

That shirt tho. I mean come on now. I hope he still has that.

Robert Jeffrey (Vogue)

The true Lord of the Dance. Everyone else, go home.

Yannis Marshall & Andrea Atilla – Girl Gone Wild Choreography

So these handsome young colts are my BFs but they don’t know it yet.

Kenny Davis of Creep Left – Like A Prayer Cover

Pretty much the greatest cover ever of any Madonna song.

Madonna’s is basically like the moon. Her ability to hold sway over our mere mortal bodies is maximum AND I DON’T EVEN CARE. She can influence me all she wants. I hope she is having a happy birthday as turns infinity years old, because she is timeless.

Do you have a favorite Madonna moment or cover?

Let me know in the comments below! Luv ya mean it!