Outfit Of The Day: Embracing Soft Grunge

So last week I read about a new style called Soft Grunge on @matildavranjes blog and realized I usually dress this way, but not as intense as those legit fashion bloggers (@Audrey Kitching or Chloe Norrgard). I love anything girly/ feminine with a touch of edgy/ alternative/ goth/ punk.

One of the Buzzmakers I work with, @Jessijaejoplin calls my style leather & lace. I guess at the end of the day, I dress like me.. I can’t really pin point how to classify my style in one category.. I like them all, mixed and matched.

Today’s attire included some new boots I purchased yesterday at The Buffalo Exchange—- a whopping $23.00… My dress, necklace & floral blouse is from Forever 21. My headband is one my friend recently gave me while she was cleaning out her closet. My studded bracelet is from Brandy Melville and my watch is from Charming Charlie ($15)!! I was never a watch person and swore I would never get one.. but I loveeeeeeee this one I found and have been wearing it every day 🙂

What are you guys up to this week and what trends are you currently loving?

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