‘One Direction: This Is Us’ 3-D Delivers The Goods

If you’re anything like me then you love documentaries, rags to riches stories, and most importantly Harry Styles. If you nodded yes to any of these then you might want run not walk to the nearest cinema to get your One Direction: This Is Us on.

The movie covers the overnight transformation of the X-Factor rejects turned supergroup of UK gents in one sugary sweet package guaranteed to make you feel like a tween again. You are also 100% going to annoy your friends speaking in a cockney accent for days to come using terms like “fit” and “innit?”.

The most heartwarming parts happened when the parents came into play. They revealed that when the boys left for their X-Factor auditions and never came back! There were roughly 3-5 times that we were all:

It’s got CUTENESS:








If you like the feeling of JOY then you should probs head out to see it. If you are an evil monster and don’t love the smiling faces of a handsome lads, then don’t.

Check out the bro’s performance on America’s Got Talent last night:

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