It’s Ok To Be Alone On The Holidays!

The other day a pal posted about this video and it really touched me and spoke to me I guess you can say.

The delivery of the message and all of the words were so powerful and something that I really needed!

I feel like the old me would watch this and feel sad, angry at myself, depressed etc. I think I would of dwelled on how I felt alone…

The me right now that watched this was hopeful, happy and almost excited to go out and be alone more.

I feel like being alone has and still is hard for me to deal with, I’m just not good at it. I don’t mean I need to have a boyfriend or anything like that I just mean when I am alone I have a tendency to over think or get nostalgic or sad.

As of lately I have really been appreciating alone time and making much more time for that in my life. I have used my alone time in a positive way now, I rest, I write, I read and I reflect.

I think it is a constant battle with many people and it is all about perspective!

Cuz if you’re happy in your head than solitude is blessed and alone is okay.”

What are YOUR thoughts on all of this? Do you know how to be alone?

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