NOOO! We Have To Wait Nine Whole Months To See Zefron & Dave Franco In Townies

Like most human beings, I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Zac Efron‘s frat boy film Townies. I mean, the photos from set are like… everything.

First we saw Zac in a tiny frat t-shirt with matching tattoo:

Then he ran across the street in his teeny, tiny baby tee!

And then, as if he snuck into our rooms and read our dream journals, he magically appeared on the front lawn of the frat house movie set shirtless to film a basketball scene.

And the world was all

Well in what can only be described as a major affront, Universal, the studio releasing said soon-to-be masterpiece, has slated Townies for release on May 9, 2014. Yes, you read right. We must wait t-minus 9 months before Zac Efron (and the rest of the star studded cast which does include Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, and Rose Byrne) hits the silver screen. Nine months until we see Zefron and D-Franc play BFFLs!

Universal, now I know how Honey Boo Boo feels when she doesn’t get her way.

Sigh, well I suppose it could be worse. Let’s just hope the studio feeds us plenty of trailers over the next 9 months.

What yet-to-be-released movie are you dying to see??

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