New Single From Miley: ‘Wrecking Ball’

I am SO PUMPED that this song is finally out for the world to hear. It’s funny because just the other day my friend Ian of Hot Chelle Rae wrote on Twitter “I think it’s safe to say that Miley will never release another ballad ever again” and I couldn’t help but write back and say DON’T ASSUME TOO QUICKLY! There is so much I love about this song. I am in love with the simplicy of the entire thing…. the production gives room for the power of these lyrics (which are also utterly simply and probably more powerful than using a bunch more words to say the same thing) to completely take cover, which are coated in Miley’s voice that just pours out emotion into each word.

I honestly don’t know who COULDN’T like this song. I feel like no matter who you are or what phase of life you’re in, some of these words will hit home. Today, this song wrecks me, as it is appropriately titled WRECKING BALL. Listen below.

What do you think of ‘WRECKING BALL’?

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