The New Line Hollywood Is Loving (It’s Affordable Too!)

It’s great when an actress looks beautiful on the red carpet in an amazing Gucci gown, but there’s something cool about seeing your favorite fashion stars wearing clothes that are accessible to everyone. The newest hot line in Hollywood is Clover Canyon.

The LA-based line mixes tribal, psychadelic, colorful prints for unique, fun, fresh pieces that they fit in really flattering ways. The silhouettes are more buttonedup, but in the sure-to-make-you-smile fabrics, they’re not just for the office. They’re extremely bold, but in a ladylike way!

Everyone from Solange to Olivia Wilde has been wearing their pieces, and there will no doubt be more celebrity fans of the line popping up soon. The best part is, their clothes are decently priced! They’re definitely not cheap, but you can get Mandy Moore‘s neoprene dress for under $250! And I’m dying to incorporate the look into my wardrobe with this pencil skirt for less than $150.

Are you a fan of this line?

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