Meet My New Best Friend: THE BLAZAR

For the past few days I have gotten to hang out with my new best friend, my Beacon Audio speakers. Man, I love them. The Blazar is portable and small –yet loud and full; and I can easily sync with my iPhone and iPad. That way I can blast Paramore and sing into my hairbrush as loud as I want. I also love that it’s portable so I can bring it from one room to the next as my “performance” moves around my place. I can also throw it in my bag and bring to a pool party or friends house for an impromptu to dance party. #musicrules

But wait, you can’t buy them just yet.

Beacon Audio also has a new Kickstarter to launch The Blazar Project and bring the product to the market. They have collaborated with tons of artists like Neon Trees and AWOLNATION for custom speakers only available via this Kickstarter. The pledges come with some pretty amazing incentives including limited edition speakers, these cool t-shirts and much more. I honestly love these speakers and the only way they will be in stores is if we help get the word out. So tell a buddy so we can all blast our Blazar speakers.

Learn more here about this amazing new toy we all need.

What do you think of the speakers?

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.