Marina And The Diamonds Appreciation: Say Farewell To Electra Heart

Marina and the Diamonds has officially closed the last chapter of the 11-part video series for her album Electra Heart.

The last installment, the title track, feels like a dark eulogy for the Welsh singer’s Electra Heart persona during her sophomore album.

To celebrate the album and the sassiness of Marina, here’s a timeline of Marina and the Diamonds’ journey as Electra Heart.

Part 1: Fear and Loathing

Part 2: Radioactive

Part 3: The Archetypes

Part 4: Primadonna

Part 5: Su-Barbie-A

Part 6: Power & Control

Part 7: How To Be A Heartbreaker

Part 8: E.V.O.L.

Part 9: State of Dreaming

Part 10: Lies

Part 11: Electra Heart


Electra Heart will be missed, but my anticipation for Marina and the Diamonds’ next album is at an all-time high.

Which Electra Heart video is your favorite?

What do you think Marina and the Diamonds will do next?

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