How To Make The Healthiest Smoothie Ever Taste Delicious!

I made this smoothie yesterday morning and I couldn’t even believe how delicious it was! I drink and eat a lot of greens and I will be the first to admit that some green smoothies just aren’t good. Good for you, yes, but some are just impossible for even the healthiest of us to choke down. I think the difference with this one is the incorporation of the lemon. I’m always putting lemon in my green juices because it really cuts the bitterness of the greens!

Vitamineral green: Can be a little pricey but the bottle lasts a long time and I can tell you its the best green powder out there. Just look at all the ingredients this incredible stuff has!

Sun Warrior Protein: I have tried a LOT of protein powders and this one is the best I have found, taste wise and nutritionally speaking.

Spirulina: Often called “nature’s vitamin” contains every naturally occuring vitamin and mineral your body would ever need and it even has protein in it! If you were ever in a bad situation, you could literally survive on spirulina and water alone. How cool is that??

Maca: This naturally energizing root helps to regulate and maintain proper hormone levels.

All of these ingredients combined with some berries, kale, banana, lemon, coconut water and almond milk and you have yourself an incredibly delicious and nutritious breakfast! If you wanted to add in some fiber in there you could throw in some chia seeds too.

Let me know if you make it and what you think!!

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