How To Make A Delicious Superfood Breakfast

I’m a cereal killer. I can put down a bowl like nobodys business, I love it! But lets be honest, about 90% of the cereal out there is garbage. However, this one is an exception and is my favorite cereal at the moment. Not only is it a delicious party in your mouth but with health benefits such as lowering blood pressure & cholesterol, keeping you full for hours and cancer prevention, how can you not love it?! Its high in fiber, low in sugar and the three main ingredients are Chia seeds, buckwheat groats and hemp seeds. Basically meaning your body will love you for munchin on this cereal. Here’s why!

Chia seeds:

•Are high in fiber! Meaning this cereal will keep you full for hours. No more mid morning snacking! (this is a huge one for me)

•Contain more antioxidants than blueberries. Antioxidants fight off free radicals (atoms with unpaired electrons) in the body. When unpaired they are unstable and wreak havoc in the body causing DNA damage and can lead to cell death and cancer. This is why you need antioxidants to protect from these radical cells!

•Are a great source of omega 3s. Omega 3s are essential for good health and since your body is unable to make them on it’s own you have to get them through diet. Omegas control blood clotting, build cell membranes in the brain, and they help protect against heart disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

•These seeds are often called “runners food” because they are incredibly hydrating, making them great for before or after a workout.

Buckwheat groats:

•Despite having the word wheat in it, buckwheat shockingly isn’t even a grain and is gluten free!

•They are rich in flavonoids, which are phytonutrients that protect against disease by extending the action of vitamin C and acting as antioxidants.

• Because of the high amounts of flavonoids and fiber they help protect against and lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Hemp seeds:

• Contain the perfect ratio of omega 6s to omega 3s, which no other seed, nut or vegetable oil does. Health experts around the world are in agreement that the human body needs a 4:1 ratio of omega 6s to omega 3s, but in America with our high consumption of animal fats and seed oils (both of which are too high in omega 6s) we get a ratio of about 10:1. Research shows that this imbalance of omega 6s to 3s is a high contributing factor to a wide range of diseases and illnesses including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and cancer. Don’t worry, these “weed seeds” won’t send you to the moon or show up in drug tests. 🙂

*My favorite way to enjoy it is pictured above! Blueberries and a tablespoon of almond butter (or peanut butter) with unsweeteened vanilla almond milk poured over it. Yum!

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Whats your favorite cereal?

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