Get The Look Gals: Feat. Kellin Quinn

As some of you may know I made a post a while ago on band members and their fashion transformations over the years which you see HERE!

Everyone seemed to like that post so I wanted to take it a step further and show YOU how to get the look of YOUR fave band member!

This first post is going to be on the singer of Sleeping With Sirens; Kellin Quinn!

Ok so here are the essentials to complete this rad outfit:

Jacket: I know his is blue but you can use any pleather esque jacket with pockets!

Tank: I have one like this it’s a unisex from American Apparel!

Pants: These are just a simple skinny black jean which you can get ANYWHERE! Here is a pair I love from Urban Outfitters!

Shoes: Kellin is always rocking a pair of Toms or Vans so here are two of my faves:

Accesories: No outfit is complete without accessories! Here are 2 must haves: Ray Bans and A cute necklace which I also saw on Urban Outfitters!!

So there it is folks, this is how you can girlify Kellin Quinn’s style!

What are your thoughts? Would you rock this outfit?

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