Keep Your Cool This Summer

It seems like it’s finally summer here in Los Angeles. Most of August has been grey and pretty cool but this last week has been so hot that parts of me that sag have been sticking parts of me that are more firm. It’s pretty gross. I guess that’s what i get for living in a desert.

Since most of America land is looking like it’s on fire as well,

I thought I would round up all these little creature that can teach us a thing or two about staying cool during this fun little heat wave. Try not to over heat! Enjoy!

The lovely sounds of the raccoon playing a front yard water harp:

Keeping cool means having the right shower heads

Rabbit bath (kind of weird)


Of course this dog has a better bathing suit than me


One way or another

Bath time is the perfect time to monkey around

Hedgie Sink Tub Party

Sphinx Cat Hydro Therapy

Hedgie float

Ferret Spa Center Treatment

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