I Reunited With My Jonas Family+ Friends To Play Soccer For Charity!

Saturday I got to rejoin with my tour family and be apart of a soccer rivalry game that started when we were on tour almost 4 years ago in South America! So crazy how time flies. Bilbo Real, and AC United joined the field at LA Galaxy to play for a good cause, Change For The Children Foundation.

I normally play, because I grew up playing serious soccer back in Ohio, but I didn’t want to risk getting hurt and putting some dance jobs in jeopardy. So Blanda, Danielle Jonas & I decided to wrangle a group of chicks to be Bilbo Real cheerleaders 🙂

We met up the morning before the game, got some matching blue gear, blanda cut up our tshirts and we cheered up the sidelines! I have a gallery of pictures from the day and some from tour 4 years ago on Ronaldinho’s training grounds! It was really cool getting all together for a good cause on a beautiful day! xo

Let me know your thoughts on soccer and be sure to comment on your favorite picture!

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