Introducing: Buzznet Flash

Howdy Buzznet! The day you all have been waiting for has finally arrived: Buzznet now has an app! If you head on over to the Apple App Store, you can find it under the handy name Buzznet Flash. It’s free and it’s pretty awesome.

Let’s take a look at what this app does!

Buzznet Flash is a photo sharing app. You can use the app to take photos or upload them from your phone’s library directly to your profile on Buzznet.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can either sign up for an account or enter your user name and password if you’re already a member. Just head to the Sign In section here:

Each of the Photo Sections shows you something different

  • Buzznet Flash – shows you all photos taken with the app
  • Warped Tour – you can see all our Warped Tour galleries
  • Buzzworthy – check out photos from our homepage
  • Buzzmakers – shows you the latest photos from our Buzzmakers
  • People I Follow – photos from your friends
  • My Photos – shows you all of your photos

If you see a photo you like in the app, you can buzz it by hitting the little buzz bolt (just like on the site). If you tap on a photo you like, it just might be a gallery:

Just swipe right to go forward in the gallery and left to go back. The arrow pointing left at the top will take you back to the beginning. Tapping the “Read More” area will let you read the gallery description.

To post a photo, just hit the little pink camera icon that’s at the bottom. That will take you to this:

This is where all our filters and borders are. The borders are pretty rad. You’re going to need to play with them to see what we have going on with those. They’re super fun!

You can take a photo via the app or upload one by hitting the icon on the bottom left corner. To access the filters, hit the magic wand icon on the bottom right corner. The upper row of icons let you choose between flash/no flash, front/rear camera, and a blur effect.

Taking a photo with the app will send it to your default gallery on the site. You can also share your photos by connecting your Twitter or Facebook.

And that’s pretty much it!

While you can buzz and browse via the app, we are still working on enabling comments. We just wanted to get this out there and see what other features you all think we should add next. Go and get the app in the Apple App Store and let us know what you think!

Download Buzznet Flash here!