Interview With Pony Barbie Maker

Hey Buzzneters!! I know that you like Pony Barbie Maker and I was honored to take an interview with this wonderful team!!!

Do you want to know more about Pony Barbie Maker? Check out this interview!

1.Hey.You are an awesome and talented person. We love your movies. Can you share something about yourself?

Pony Barbie Maker: aww, Thank you! I can, I just want let you know that we are two sisters (Abby & Stella). I’m not making it alone. Everybody needs help. As I told we are sisters, we live in small village, people talking about us like strangers. Everything we’ve got is our fans and we want to make them happy by our videos. Thank you for being with us!

2.Where do you get your inspiration to make videos?

Pony Barbie Maker: It has started when we watched one video on youtube: Kerli – Hurt Me by one barbie doll. We saw it and we told „we can do it better right?“ haha, We started searching our fans from Kerli fans moonchildren. We made one video, it was nice when it has got 1,000 views. It makes us happy. And then nice comments comes up, this is someting undescribe. They wanted to see more, we just did it. I can say: inspiration to make videos – has been on youtube. We get inspiration almost every day. The latest video inspiration just blow up my mind when I listened this song.

3.Can you describe us your the movie making process?

Pony Barbie Maker: Okay, the first is choose song, usually we get inspiration when we listen this song or we read lyrics. Then we need customize barbie doll and build scenes, after this we start shooting. Every move needs to be shooted. As you know, now we make stop motion videos – let me tell you more about it. It’s playing with pictures, you need to take a picture of every single move and then connect them together into movie. That’s it works. When we finish shooting, we need to done it how I said it above. Make some effects, save it and share it on youtube.

4.You made a lot movies, which is your favorite and why?

Pony Barbie Maker: It’s hard to choose, every video is special for us. We have a lot memories in it. Halloween special 1 – Barbie KERLI : and why? … Because it is the craziest idea we ever got.

5.What can your fans expect from the new movies?

Pony Barbie Maker: We make videos just for fun, no school, nothing special to learn, we just saw something and we did it. But now we want know more about making movies, so (Abby) I’m going to school again, study about making movies, taking pictures. So our fans can expect better videos, more effects, we want to learn more working with green screen, it means maybe we’ll make video “Zero Gravity” and more..

6.What plans do you have for this year?

Pony Barbie Maker: As I said I’m going to school to learn more about making videos. And make more videos of course. 🙂

7.Thank you so much for this interview. Do you have a message for your fans and readers?

Pony Barbie Maker: Thank you too. Yes, thank you all for supporting us. Don’t forget that you can do anything you want, don’t let other people steal your dreams! Here’s haters, they want break you down, but don’t forget „Haters make you up“. Many love – Abby & Stella