I’ve had so many things happen recently and I wanted to post but haven’t had the balls to publish on my blog.I feel like sometimes I get wrapped up in worrying about what people will think so much where I then limit myself and to what I am capable of achieving.

I recently bought this book called “How To Be Interesting” in 10 simple steps.

I was waiting at Fed-ex in line, and you know how they have a bunch of candy, daily planners, and stupid paper weights sitting at the front? Well that shit works lol, because I sure as hell bought a box of Dots candy and this book. Probably the best two purchases all week.

A little fact about me, I HATE reading. I hate books and the last one I ever completed was Hatchet in like 8th grade. I don’t even know how I made it through English in high school. So the fact that I was buying a book was blowing my mind.

But anything with “steps” and saying that it will help open my mind in a way is cool in my “book” (I’m lame)

It asks “Why be Interesting?” and I wanted to share with you the bullet points, and this is the first page and I’ve only read about 10 so far lol.

-Limit your regrets

-So you can respect yourself

-In order to banish boredom

-So that you can leave a mark, not a blemish

-And most of all, because you can

So before I go and banter anymore, maybe sit and think on those and think about what makes YOU interesting. How you can turn your life more into a coloring book, rather than a newspaper. I recently began to take life by the horns and making shit happen.

I’m finally doing a new fun video series with some fellow buzzmakers, taking my ideas and not being ashamed of voicing them! That is a huge improvement for me. It is also surrounding yourself with people who BELIEVE in you. The past couple years I have worked with so many difficult people who belittled me as a person, my talents and opinions, where they broke me down so far, to where I had zero confidence. I thought I sucked at everything. NO BUENO (means not good, for my non Spanish speaking friends).

People who believe in you will take you far. They won’t hold your hand, but they will light that fire under your ass to motivate you to be YOU and make shit happen. Get more friends like that. Not those who are negative and compare you to themselves or bring you down.

What are some other things you struggle with like me?