Instagram Of The Day: Ginny The Costume Wearing Jack Russell Terrier!

I have a soft spot in my heart for terriers. They’re just a glorious breed and oh so smart. Ginny, a Jack Russell Terrier who lives in the UK, has a wonderful life filled with costumes, bacon treats, sunbathing and various athletic activities. She’s living it up terrier-style and her human documents all the magic on her instagram account. It’s nothing short of amazing.

Ginny is very talented and can show a range of emotions. She’s just like us.

Ginny likes to jump

But like most humans, long runs are not her thing

She loves the outdoors. Picnics are a must in the summer.

She knows when to treat herself to a glass of treats

Or when to relax and sunbathe

Ginny is not afraid to be herself or try out different looks. Is she a skater bro?

Comic book hero?



Winter chic?

Or ready for class?

Regardless, she’s freaking adorable.

For more of Ginny and her fabulous life, follow her instagram HERE or like her on Facebook.

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