Instagram Of The Day: BFFs Tasuku And His French Bulldog Muu!

I’m not one to follow many celebrities on instagram, but I do love me some adorable dog photos! Theretofore, I follow plenty of random strangers that happen to own adorable terriers or golden doodles or just post cute animals all the time. It makes for some variety inbetween friend’s photos of the sky or the cocktail or meal they’re about to consume.

Today I discovered the ultimate in cute instagrams – Tasuku and Muu! The dynamic duo live in Tokyo and are best friends for life. Young Tasuku, a human boy with a super cute bowl haircut, and Muu, an awww-worthy white French Bull Dog, seem to do everything together.

They watch TV

They nap

They play outside

They hang out on the couch

They share blankets when it’s cold

They read together

They multitask on their bed together when they’re into different activities

They build train sets

They contemplate going down the stairs together

They hang out in buckets together

They even hang out with adults together

Basically they’re inseparable and oh so sweet! The duo has quite an instagram following as well. Over 247K people follow the life and times of Tasuku and Muu. See for yourself HERE.

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