The Influx Of Lyric Videos

For the past few years, lyric videos have become a must for practically every artist and a companion to the music video. When they first started to pop up on YouTube, I thought they’d be short lived but turns out, they’re a major hit. When prompted with the reason as to why lyric videos have become so prevalent in popular music, the answer seems to be dependent on the fact that they give the song a possible boost in popularity. Not to mention the ongoing inquiry if artists are just simply tired of having people sing the wrong words to their songs. Either that or the world just wants more karaoke.

What saddens me is that people are so interested in lyric videos now that they seem to forget that lyrics are sometimes printed in album booklets. Paper? That comes with music?! But what is this archaic paper thing you speak of?!

Since most music sales are derived from digital formats, I’m guessing lyric videos are the new album booklets? How unfair for the music world to change without CD buyers’ permission! Also, what about lyric websites? Will those be extinct as well? I’ll just be under my rock, if anyone needs me.

At the end of the day, lyric videos are rather fun. Fans have been making their own lyric videos way before official ones were ever released so I guess they started a very successful trend. Unlike music videos, lyric videos are meant to connect the listener with the artist’s words, which, if you ask me, is the most important aspect of a song. Some might argue and say that lyric videos are only a marketing ploy to try to sell more records. Personally, I think it’s a pretty creative strategy.

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What are your thoughts on the influx of lyric videos?