Heartblog: Earthquake Weather

a hundred heavy wolves laying next to me.

it’s a heavy heavy heavy world

and nice girls stay nice, all but me.

you have one minute and fifteen seconds to show the world why you deserve it all

and 13 minutes and 25 seconds to know that you don’t.

fight everyday for someone to believe it all again tomorrow.

everyone tells you they want you to succeed

but the wolves hide in rooms, circling in packs, hoping that you don’t.

you are so used to being brave that you can’t call up your friends crying anymore

what would you say?

I got everything I wanted, and some of what you wanted to

and everything is crumbling

can we drink tea and be nobodies again soon?

life was funner when i was sad.

I was a more interesting human when I was heartbroken.

you only liked me because I made you feel like you had it together.

I used to be someone I liked, who read books, and ate records. someone who laughed real loud laughs and did kartwheels for no reason.

now everything is heavy heavy heavy.

the world is out to get me.

someone told me today that it is a long long long long long road

and that nothing is important

and that everything is important.

feels like summer.

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