These GIFs Will Cure Your Case Of The Mondays!

It looks like somebody’s got a case of the Monday’s! I’m feeling like I have the Monday Blues aka the “Try Not To Tear Your Hair Out’s”. It’s been one of those days…. so I thought I’d cheer myself (and you) up with a few silly GIFs to animate this LOVELY work day. 🙂 GIFs also may be applied to school!

7am: It’s MONDAY?! You are denying the existence of today as long as possible.

8am: Fine, fine… I’ll go. I just remembered they pay me.

9am: Oops! You may have taken an accidental cat nap at your desk. It’s okay… at least you’re not snoring like the guy next to you!

10am: Your boss starts singing and dancing around the office because he LOOOOOVVESSSS his job.

11am: Your “superior” asks you to do something that is a complete waste of your time… as usual.

12pm: You sprint from the building at noon for a one hour, unsatifying taste of the free world.

Note: Unless you want to get fired, drinking on your lunch hour is generally frowned upon and may get your ass fired.

1pm: Your coworkers are doing that gross phlegm snorting thing again….

… Trying your best not to strangle them with their neck ties…

2pm: The interns… help us. Help us all…

3pm: Running out of patience…

4pm: We’re at the part of the day where you run out of things to do and you’re just zoning out on your computer screen until the clock hits 5pm…

5pm: And then it’s over… sweet freedom… until tomorrow.

6pm: Then after buying a round for your friends at happy hour, you realize you don’t get paid until next week…

Disclaimer: These GIFs are not a true representation of me at work. Except the one about my boss singing in the office… he really does that. 🙂

What is your best and worst part of your work day?

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