FYF: Denim Cutoffs, 1992 Part 2, And Funky Fresh Sounds

Everything in Los Angeles appeared like it was just another day, except for the small region near Chinatown where the Second Coming of the 1990’s flooded to The Los Angeles State Historic Park for the tenth annual FYF Fest.

Everyone was wearing their casual fest best. There must be a small island made of denim pant legs floating somewhere in the ocean because it was all cutoffs all the time up in FYF. Mucho fringe and hats, and regular/flat-form converse reigned supreme.

Music, style, and dance all came together in one glorious funky fresh set by Solange. She turned the crowd into one big soul amoeba grooving to her sweet jams. She was (IMHO) the most fun act of the weekend, delivering the kind of joy that usually only exists in champagne bubbles.

There were too many great acts to count. For the hardcore at heart, Les Savy Fav kept it real and Torrance natives Joyce Manor had the crowd losing their minds. The Breeders and My Bloody Valentine reminded us that we can dress as 90’s as we want but they are the real deal. MGMT, Beach House, and Washed Out (Portlandia theme song) kept us bobbin our heads and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs tore the house down (obvz) because Karen O. is the sh*t.

Angelenos usually have to wait for Coachella but FYF delvered amazing performances, yum yum food, and plenty of shady spots to escape the heat (not to mention the quick drive home, yay!) Plus they had giant emojis, what more could you want?

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