Get Fresh Fall Skin: DIY Fall Facial Mask

With fall just around the corner (and with that coming school) you want your skin to look and feel as fresh as ever! Summer takes a toll on our skin from being in the sun, long days and not sticking to a routine. But it’s okay! Prep your skin for fall with this amazing fall facial mask.

What you need:

5 tbsp. organic honey 2 tsp. organic apple cider vinegar ½ c. organic ground oatmeal

Add all ingredients together in a bowl. Mix well to get a smooth, thick consistency. Apply mask evenly to a clean face. Leave mask on for about 20 minutes or until you can feel it drying up. Rinse off and scrub around to exfoliate with the oatmeal. Your skin will feel so refreshed it’s incredible!

Let me know if you try this mask and what you think!

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