Forever 21’s Back To School Threebie Style Off Leggings

It’s always such a bummer when the summer time season comes to an end. But it’s time to clean out your closets and make room for some fall attire to start crafting new outfits around. This past weekend I headed to The Grove in Los Angeles, to pick up some new make up and to “casually browse” the mall aka wasn’t intending to spend money, but I did (whoops). I headed into Forever 21 (my go to). As I walk into this magical place, I see these AMAZING leggings that immediately caught my attention on the front platform.

There was a sales associate folding them up and asked me what size I was… she then hands me the leggings and goes “Aren’t they amazing.. they are only $5!!”. WHAT, hold the phone.. you are telling me these on trend, cozy cute tights are $5!? In that moment, I went to the register and purchased right away. At least I’m spending money on a good cause, I will wear these all the time!

Later in the afternoon I got an email from Forever 21, where it highlights the exact pairs of legginings I bought with popular Fashion Bloggers styling it in their own ways. I loved all the ways the fashion bloggers styled them and it inspired me to want to share how I’d style them.

Photo’s captured by Brittany Hagerty

These leggings are good for dressing up for a night out at a show and dressing down at a casual day at work/ school. Check out how the other bloggers Styled them on HERE.

Do you like these leggings? How would you style them?

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