Flashback Friday: Thanks Spotify, For Making Me Feel Hella Old

As I sit here and listen to Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, I can’t help but feel my very mortality pulse with every wobbly base line and teeter between every occasional swath of sythesizers. I wasn’t born when Joy Division was around (well I was but I living about 6,000 miles away and being a few months old didn’t afford me the chance to ever see them play) but thanks to all things digital, I can listen to them whenever it strikes my fancy.

Things these days are really accessible. All you have to do is go anywhere on the internet to find your heart’s desire. I will admit that a long time ago, and we’re talking back in the days of LimeWire (LoL), I used to “find” music on the internet rather easily. Nowadays, I log into my Spotify account so that I don’t feel crappy for stealing from people that sing all the things I could never say.

There is a lot of stuff on Spotify. Sadly, I haven’t been able to “Teenage Enema Nurses In Bondage” by Killer P***y but that’s okay, I’m not going to die or anything. What is going to kill me on Spotify is this thing that they do in the Discover section:

This was released in 1996. I was probably 15.

The thing about the Discover section is that it makes recommendations based on when I was a teenager in the 90s. Granted, I’ve found some really cool stuff via the Discover section. Most of it is ambient music related because I like to zone out before I catch some major z’s on the train to Sleepy Town.

Amy Grant’s “Baby Baby” was released in 1991. 1991.

When I see a recommendation from way back then, it’s like I’m tossed to and fro once more in the rapids that were my awkward teenage years. The churning waters of those suppressed emotions cascade me down the river to the fogotten falls of all my feels. Thanks, Spotify. Thanks a lot for sending me back to S**t Creek sans paddle.

Just kidding – I’m actually being a tad melodramatic.

Speaking of the Waterfall of Feels:

Sup 1995. Sup

In all actuallity, it’s kind of funny to look at what was popular way back when I was young. I was very “anti” everything as a lad. I still kind of am. That being said, I know a majority of the words to “Baby, Baby” and I love me some early Mariah. It happens. You can only rage against the machine for so long until you are knee deep songs about waterfalls, drowning in the pop-y brilliance of psuedo life messages and submerging your soul in grandiose chord progressions.

So, thanks Spotify. Thanks for taking me back to my squalid youth.

Which songs take you back?