Fit For a Faery

I believe in faeries. Not only are they adorable (well, at least the nice ones), but their main goal is to watch over our planet – its clear waters and green woods. I know that they are very stressed out right now because of the way humans abuse the Earth. We were meant to live in harmony with the nature and each other, but somehow we forgot how to do that. Fairies are here to remind us that it doesn’t take much to do our part – on your next walk in the nature, pick up the trash…it doesn’t matter who left it there. Next time you brush your teeth, don’t leave the water running while you’re not using it. It’s the little things that make a big difference.

There are certain places fairies like to hang out and certain flowers they use to make their little hats and shoes. If you see a line of oak trees or fields of fox gloves – it’s very likely you can spot fairies there. But you can also attract them to your garden and home by placing gifts such as fairy shoes, a thimble of honey, maybe a bit of good Irish ale(!), a fairy cake, a fairy drum, some shiny objects (they love shiny things!) or something copper (one of their favorite metals). No fairy could resist such an offering! NOTE: Just make sure there is no iron anywhere near this area–iron saps their strength and repels them.

Some believe that placing little doors against the wall or trees gives them a portal that they can enter through, but some go all out and build intricate fairy houses for their little friends to chill in.

I have found some amazing ones and wanted to share with you guys.

If you were a fairy, which pad would you prefer? 🙂



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