Face Decoration

Either used to cover, enhance or create, make-up is one of my favorite art forms ever.

I am so passionate about it cause it gives us the freedom to shape shift and take on different characters.

I recently had an honor to work with Katrin Sangla in Estonia. I was very inspired by her because she’s a wizard at it, being able to create anything from life-like special effects kind of stuff to glamorous evening war paint:) After studying make up in the States she is now killing it in Estonia and Eastern Europe, doing make up for everyone from our First Lady to Huge Russian superstars like Kazaki.

I’m stoked that some of the latest makeup fads go so well with every Bubblegoth outfit because of their 3-D gems, jewels, and intricate shapes that really pop. Everything from your eyes to eye brows to lips can be totally decorated and transformed.

Why be a human if you can be any creature you can think of?

Check out some of my favorite face decoration ideas below.



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