Exclusive Tour Diary: Hunter Hunted On Tour With Weezer!

Ever wonder what it feels like to open for your favorite band? Well, we asked Michael Garner of Hunter Hunted to document the band’s experience on tour opening for Weezer! Enjoy this behind the scenes journey straight from the source!

What Happens In Vegas Does Not Stay In Vegas

By Michael Garner

A couple weeks ago Buzznet asked us to document a day on tour, we chose the stop in Vegas with Weezer. As a kid I listened to Say it Aint So’s intro guitar line probably a billion times. I knew I had to learn how to play guitar, even if it was just to play that one song. And I did. And I took pride in the fact that I could sing along to the entire Blue Album, even the high parts (and eventually Pinkerton, too).

So here I was, a couple decades later, on tour with one of my all time faves, Weezer, in Vegas no less. Watching them sound check was funny with their faces on the marquee behind them (semi pictured).

And soon enough it was our turn to soundcheck. We stood on the stage, overlooking a rooftop pool with a Vegas city skyline backdrop. Pretty sweet.

Our soundcheck echoed off the fancy high-rise hotels and all across Las Vegas Boulevard, creating an unintended soundtrack for tourists on The Strip.

In front of me laid Weezer’s secret plan for the night!

After our soundcheck, thousands of Weezer fans packed the rooftop pool, waiting for the show to begin. It’s an interesting position to be an opener… you know the majority of people aren’t there to see you, but you still have the stage and the obligation to prove that you’re worthy of making them wait another hour to see the main event.

Here we go again!

The crowd was great and we even got to be on the jumbo screen. Hey look Ma! I’m on TV!

We’re all on TV! A very big TV!!!

And then I was immediately transformed back into my teenage self, dancing and singing along to every song with the rest of the fans in the Vegas crowd.


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