Exclusive Interview With X Factor Contestant Jillian Jensen

Hey Music Loves,

If you are a fan of The X Factor I am sure you recognize the name Jillian Jensen! If not, but you are a fan of music in general, I highly recommend checking her out, she is incredible!

Not only is her voice amazing but her story that goes along with it is really what touched me. Here is an exclusive interview I did with her, Enjoy!

BH: For those who have never heard your music before, describe yourself in 3 words.

JJ: Outgoing, goofy, loud

BH:How has your life changed since you were on X-Factor?

JJ: I get the opportunity to continue to do what I love and spread a positive message on a much grander scale.

BH: You opened up about your life and your battle with bullying, what is the best advice you can give to someone who is also being bullied?

JJ: Find what it is you love and cling to it; allow it to be the light that lifts you up from the dark… Do that and you will understand what I mean by “success will be your greatest revenge.”

BH: If you could put together your dream tour, who would be on it and what would your tour bus look like?

JJ: ED SHEERAN! And my dream your bus would be sponge bob and inside I’d have those arcade basketball things, an air hockey table and the old school sega so I can play Sonic and Tails.

BH: What are some of your biggest goals for this upcoming year?

JJ: Get signed to a good label and tour with a major act

BH: Any last words for the fans and readers?

JJ: One thing I learned in the past two years is “Accept that of which you can not change, change that of which you can and have the wisdom to acknowledge the difference.” It’s helped me a lot and I think it’s something everyone much learn to live a happy life.

What do you think of Jillian?

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