Emerging Talent: Interview With MikelWJ

MikelWJ is an American talented and independent rapper. I was so honored to interviem him. I believe that Mikel music can change your life.

“Mikel began his music career at the age of 15 through the release of his first free mixtape “Coup D’etat”. He soon gained minor popularity on YouTube for the mixtape’s most popular song “You’re Not Alone”. After the release of his first EP in 2012, Mikel quickly gained popularity in the online music and youtube world and is significant for his emotional lyrics, often recounting his own life’s struggles. His song “Dear Diary” has achieved over 850,000 hits since it’s release in late 2011.”- via MikelWJ Facebook

1. Mikel, you are telented independent rapper. How would you describe yourself and your lifestyle?

MikelWJ: This is actually a really hard question for me to answer. I guess I am a pretty chill dude. Most people have this misconseption after listening to my music that I am constantly depressed or the way I am in my music, when in reality it isn’t like that. Most of the time I am quite relaxed and comfortable with where I am. I like to eat pizza and watch netflix movies with friends a lot, so I guess that could be considered my life style. All good vibes.

2. Your music touching fragile themes as depression, self-harm, eating disorders etc, I saw that it helps a lot your fans. Where do you get inspiration to making music and what gives to you contact with fans?

MikelWJ: I used to write alternative rock type music back in junior high, and when I started rapping I just kept the style of writing that I knew. So instead of being like all my rapper friends and writing about rap stuff, I was writing about emotions and sad stuff. My inspiration just come from my friends and my every day life, since I am just writing down all of the things that happened and have happened to my friends and I.

3. Recently you released “Pigeons”. Could you say something more about your new album?

MikelWJ: I consider my best work to date. I put a lot of time into the project, and it is the first project that I was completely happy with when I was finished. I decided to release it for free download as a thank you to my fans for supporting me for so long.

4. What has been your favorite memory along your music journey?

MikelWJ: My favorite memory would have to be just making so many friends when I first started off, that I have still kept to this day.

5. With who artist would you like to collaborate?

MikelWJ: I really would love to work with Earl Sweatshirt or Frank Ocean

6. What plans do you have for this years?

MikelWJ: This year? Well I already released Outcast (Full Album), Monsters and Angels (Mixtape of old songs from pre-2012), and Pigeons (a free album download) but I still plan on releasing at least one more project before the end of the year. I currently have no plans for a new record, and I am currently taking a breaking from making any new music, but there will be something.

7. Do you have a message for your fans and readers?

MikelWJ: Thank you all for your continued love and support, it honestly means the world to me. I love you all <3

You can follow MikelWJ on:

Youtube: //www.youtube.com/mikelwj 2nd Channel: //www.youtube.com/mikelwjtalks Reverbnation: //www.reverbnation.com/mikelwj… Twitter: //www.twitter.com/mikelwj Tumblr: //www.mikelwj.tumblr.com/

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