How To: Dress Like Penny Lane

Alright fellow BUZZNET Pals, we all know that Penny Lane is pretty much me in another life. Lately I’ve been seeing her name thrown out in a lot of clothing companies, probably because the hippie dippie lifestyle is in. So, It got me thinking and I thought I would create a “HOW TO”.. PAUSE, Kate Hudson is everything (Have you seen How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days?) on how to dress like the original music lover. I’ve seen some similar blog from Wildfox and Threadscene but they aren’t capturing who she is, but more so the hippie care free lifestyle.You can thank me later.

Penny Lane’s Must Have: The Crop top.

Penny made the crop top famous. While todays trends are all about having sayings across them, she kept it simple with details. LF Montana is my favorite store for these.

The Fur Coat and Pants.

We all know that famous fur coat that she wears none stop. I found this one from my new favorite online store, and I think I’m in love. This captures her in 2013 (who wants to gift me this fab coat?). With the fur coat she is always wearing the wide-legged pants. Shopgirl also captures this perfectly. Most pants today look like skirts but these ones are perfect! Also, the perfect gypsy store, Rae Francis has these DROOL WORTHY pants too (the white ones, so fab!)

Pop of color dress:

Penny was heartbroken in her blue dress when she was in NYC, and starting fresh in LBD. Motel Rocks is my picks for similar dresses. The blue is suppose to be something daring and a stand out of character.