“I Have A Dream” In The New World

Yesterday was a “I Have A Dream” 50th anniversary. I’m so proud of Martin Luther King Jr. I’m not from America but he is for me one of the biggest heros. He changed this world and brought freedom and equality. I think that we are his children because he learned us respect everyone. It’s not valid color your skin, your sex, place where you live or it how you look. We are equal and no one can change it.

But what Martin Luther King Jr. would to say in a speech today? I think about it from yesterday. And I believe that for today’s speech the best are equal rights for LGTB people.

I hate homophobia. You know love is love and no one can change your sexual preferences. But why part of the people say what we have to do. I hate read about attacks on the LGTB community,e.g. right now in Russia. We can’t be blind and we need to try change something. EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL!!!!!!!!

The next problem is war. This world needs peace. Where are these 80′ years?? California dreaming & Woodstock!!! I’m scared when I read news about situation in Syria but I believe that we must be careful because planned attack can just bring a huge war in the whole world. Please, just peace.

And the world hunger problem. Not just in Africa people are hungry. A lot countries don’t care but around us are poor persons, kids and old persons dreaming about warm meal. It’s sad that gouvernments make uneeded things when is a lot persons and they need to received help.