These Dogs Are More Ready Than You Are For School

I was never really excited to go Back To School. Doing so meant that I would have to give up my days of waking up at noon and that there would be no more nights staying up until the sun rose as I played video games. If only there were some way for me to be excited about a new year in an overcrowded, underfunded classroom in all the same clothes I wore the grade before. If only I could be a dog.

Dogs study in the summer because that’s just how they do

So they can be Day 1 ready – ALWAYS

Even if they don’t know the answer, THEY STILL TRY

Dogs let nothing stop them at getting that A+

They even have host large study groups ON WEEKENDS

More importantly, dogs are not afraid to give us school house realness

They know that looking your best means BACKPACKS AS ACCESSORIES

Even if you have to take your human to school, if they match your ensemb, WHY NOT?

Or better yet, arrive in style:

Why stand in line when trying to add classes when your human can do it for you?

It’s every dog’s dream to have this happen to them:

And it can happen to you if you get ready for Back To Shool like dog.

Happy Back to School Month!