DIY: My Little Pony Wings

Good wings are so hard to find! So I wanted to show you guys how to make your own. Not only are they one of a kind but you can make them as elaborate as you want without breaking the bank. The ones I made are inspired by My Little Pony and come dolled out with LED lights, glitter and jumbo rhinestones.Why be a human if you can be a My Little Pony!

Here’s what you need:

– foam– cardboard– spray glue (you can also use regular glue)– good glue (I usually use E6000 but lately I’ve been using some $2 stuff from Home Depot that totally does the job too)– scissors– elastic for the straps (tip: you can find elastic in the waist of old skirts or pants)– embellishments

LED WIRE: I get mine from Ebay. something under $10 a piece from China. Like these from example:

The best way to attach LED wire is to sew it on with an invisible aka clear thread. It’s readily available in all the craft stores but it’s not essential.Also I found a good way to attach it to things that you can’t sew it to – glue a thin rope on the surface, then sew the wire to the rope. Shoe laces work well for this too!

Check out the gallery for specific instructions<3

Step 1: Draw your desired shape to the foam. Cut out 2 identical sets of wings.

Step 2: Copy the shape to a cardboard. Cut it out and sandwich the cardboard between 2 sets of foam wings you already cut out. I use spray glue for all this but you can use regular glue as well. If you don’t have any glue, you can probably stitch it or use tape to hold it together.

Step 3: Measure your back from one wing bone to the other and cut out a square or an oval that length. Mine was 10″. The elastic straps will be attached between your wings and this thingy. You can use one layer of cardboard + one layer of foam for this. You can even add furry fabric. How kewt would that be!

Step 4: Measure your elastic, make 2 strips and attach the ends between the “thingy” and your wings. Use good glue to make sure it doesn’t come apart. Let dry. **Secretly sprinkles glitter while it dries**

I made a little “pouch” on the back using foam and glue to hide the battery pack of my LED wire.

Step 5: Embellish!

I glued some thin rope to line the wings and attached my LED wire to that with an invisible thread. To pretty up the line you could also:

-use colorful tape-cut the foam parts a bit bigger so once you glue it, the cardboard doesn’t show.

I also had these Jumbo rhinestones from Michaels that make these wings perfectly angelic. Oh my. I love these.

Would u rock these wings? If you make your own, don’t forget to show them off in MoonChildMonday!<3



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