Glitter In The Air: Gabbie’s Warped Tour Life Wrap Up


I’ve missed you! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA on the blogs but I realized quickly that blogging and doing my other job as the Kia blogger don’t mash well together (Only free time to blog was off days). So I’am currently back in Las Vegas for a mini vacation/ trying to figure out where I’m going with life next. Tour ended on Sunday and I’m just like everyone else, missing it so bad!

Warped Tour happened really fast for me, in a matter of 12 hours I had gotten the job, throwing things in my suitcase and heading to Boston. I have forever been changed in a good way. I said this multiple times this summer but I could honestly do this for the rest of my life.

The last week of Warped Tour might of been my favorite time ever. I had my hometown show along with a little summer romance, friends and lots of BBQ.

Warped Prom was hippie theme this year and It couldnt fit me more perfectly. Hippie is what I’m known as and I of course had to break out my chain headpiece. My prom date, Spencer let the Texas heat get to him. Wallpaper (MY NEW FAV) was the prom band and Novenea won Prom Queen!

Prom was fun and filled with lost of dancing but the next morning was one we were all dreading, the last day. It snuck up on me! I couldnt believe that 4 weeks had already flew by. I spent my last day saying goodbye to friends and filming for Kia. Nobody really said goodbye until it was time for breakdown. I’m actually really proud of myself for not crying. My hardest goodbye happened not once but twice. Sometimes you meet someone you just connect with and having to say goodbye or see you later is hard. When you’re out on the road you live in the moment but after tour ends you’re not sure if you’ll ever see each other again or if you can make something work. It’s a tough life.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who came out and saw me and told me how much they enjoy my blog. Also to Kia, Sleeping with Sirens and We Came As Romans for being such fun people to work with.

I thought a picture blog was more fitting. Enjoy



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