Courage to Live

Heart to Heart – Courage to LIVE

There’s a new sense of freedom in me lately. I’m starting to realize more and more that just because a lot of people collectively believe in something, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to believe in for me. At the end of the day it’s just someone else’s opinion and everyone’s got one. I’m starting to see that I can actually do anything I set my mind to and if I believe in it enough, so will others.

I took an amazing trip to Brazil in January and hanging out with my friend MariMoon, (who by the way is some of the most beautiful people I have ever come across…and it doesn’t have anything to do with the way she looks) lounging on body pillows on the floor of her Sao Paulo apartment, she asked me:”If you could do anything, what would you do?” I didn’t know what to say. I always thought I was so free but that was the moment I realized I had stopped dreaming the way I used to.I realized that our society builds ceilings in our sky, telling us we need to do this and be that. The most absurd part of it is that we go to school to get to a good university. Then we take out a loan that we end up paying back for the rest of our lives. For what? Well, to pay for our own training in being a part of the system – a reality someone else has created. It is quite outrageous when you think about it.

For years I’ve believed that there was some kind of a pre destined trajectory to where I needed to go. Some kind of a paved way. That if I go from a to b, I will eventually reach c and ultimately, x. Well…seems it’s not really like this. I’ve been looking for someone to give me the answers but I’m starting to see that this someone else doesn’t exist. To be more exact, most of the world has no fucking idea what they’re doing and everyone is constantly looking over their shoulder for someone else’s approval and validation.

I have been trying to go deep within myself and find that master with all the answers. Believe me, there is one inside you as well. More than ever, I believe that I can create my own reality. No matter how outrageous or silly someone else thinks it might be. I’ve noticed that if I approach ideas and people with absolute conviction, they also seem to think it’s a good idea. That all these dreams and ideas that seemed so impossible just a little while back, are not that impossible after all and all I needed was to BELIEVE.

All these rules and limitations the society creates for us…they are…well…bullshit. Scarcity thoughts – bullshit. There is plenty of everything in the world and no reason why I shouldn’t have abundance at all times. With this sort of realization, you actually start wanting less and wanting to give more.“How may I serve?” Instead of “what can I gain” is a powerful thought if you are determined to live in a state of Love. It instantly pushes you out of the fear and pulls you into your own personal heaven where the only thing that drives you is excitement.

I am not waiting for the right time anymore. Or the right people to be on board. I have been working on tons of new things that make my heart sing with joy and like magic, everyone needed in the process shows up. And if they don’t…well…I live in a world of 7.3 billion people and whoever I need to meet is one Facebook message away.

Don’t just live your life. CREATE IT.Everything is possible…we just need to grab the wheel and ride this machine of ours to the stars. There is no tour guide, no navigation, no handbook. JUST YOU.

Use this beautiful opportunity to be alive now and create a better reality within this reality. Not just for yourself but for other people as well as the generations to come.You have the power. Don’t waste it.

If you could do ANYTHING, what would you do?