What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’?

Welcome to Lisa’s Kitchen. Let’s pretend I have my own cooking show and fulfill my wildest dreams. Tonight I’ll be Rachel Ray, only less annoying (hopefully) and you guys can be my faithful students. Maybe I should be Julia Child… she seemed bad ass. Plus, I love French food… Okay anyways, we’re not cooking french tonight. This dinner is of the asian persuasion!

Chinese five-spice and ponzu tilapia, jasmine rice and spinach salad!

This recipe is literally the easiest thing you’ll ever cook, mainly because some of it is premade or doesn’t need to be cooked. SO it’s perfect for a healthy meal after a long day, when you don’t feel like measuring ingredients and fussing with compicated recipes.




Medium Non Stick Pan


Tilapia filet – cheap and delicious!

Chinese five spice powder



2 tsp Canola Oil

Jasmine Rice (steam in bag, or microwave kind so it’s super easy!)

Fresh, baby spinach

Sesame Ginger Dressing (or your asian dressing of choice!)

Citrus Ponzu sauce

Lemon Wedge

Green Onions (optional)

1. Take out your tilapia filet(s) and put them on a plate. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt, a pinch of pepper and a pinch of chinese five spice powder on both sides!

2. Heat your pan on medium-high heat for a minute. Add in canola oil.

3. Place tilapia filets in the pan and cook for 2 minutes on each side, or until it flakes easily with a fork. The fish should be OPAQUE!

4. Prepare jasmine rice as directed on package, at the same time as your fish. (Life hacks. Delicious and hardly any effort! Should take about 5 minutes. Fluff rice with a fork when it’s done!)

5. Begin Plating while your other pieces are cooking. Put a helping of fresh baby spinach on your plate and drizze with sesame ginger dressing. (You can make this at home, or use store bought. Mine is from wegmans!) Plate the fish and put a little bit of thinly sliced green onions on top, with a lemon wedge on the side, so you can squeeze it overtop. Pour about a teaspoon of ponzu sauce on the fish. Plate your jasmine rice, and you’re good to go!

Rachel Ray would probably be super disappointed that I’ve filed this under “cooking” when really you’re only cooking one easy thing, but listen… I work every day and sometimes making a healthy dinner just seems like too much work. So, with these easy dishes, you get a pretty healthy, delicious meal in about 10 minutes. 🙂 In the words of the lovely Julia Child, BON APPETIT!

What are your thoughts on this recipe?

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