Colliding Galaxies: Exclusive Interview with Debby Ryan

Let me introduce you to a new Moonchild, babies. Her name is Debby Ryan. You may know her from Disney Channel’s “Jessieand movies like 16 Wishes and Radio Rebel. When I first found out that Debby was a fellow Moonchild (She LOVES Estonian popstars, who would have thought?) just like my moonbabies, I was so excited to get to know her better. It turns out Debby’s fans and You have something in common. With her Galaxy, and Deboraliens fully supporting her, just like the moonchildren, there is no doubt that they would have to cross galaxies at one point or another. Check out my interview with this beautiful human, Debby Ryan. <3

Name: Deborah

Occupation: actress/producer/songwriter/cat lady

Hometown: none

5 words that describe me the best: manic, curious, careful for nothing, aware, pizza

Biggest inspiration: Genuine, volatile, heartwrenchingly delightful frontmen & women, Debbie Harry, Freddie Mercury, Stevie Nicks, Joe Strummer, Bowie… Today it’s the Hayley Williams and the Jon Foremans and the people who tear their hearts apart to pull you between their letters and notes. People who love what they do so hard that everyone who witnesses it can’t help but retell the story as if it’s their own, because it is. I just think that we’re all the same under our skin and behind our words. Our stories are collective, so our storytellers can’t lose the joy or let the passion dim, or else every song you hear is just a melodic version of the whispers you hear at night, or the dreams you have during the day. That ruins the beautiful escapism of music. And more detrimental, it dilutes that thing that music can do better than any shrink, mother, or friend… that ability to give you direct eye contact with the feelings, stories, wonders, people, moments, fears, hopes that live in you but can’t find their way into words.

The first thing I ever created: a mess.

Favorite thing in my wardrobe: This navy blue leather & fur jacket that’s so fabulous it’s metal. It was vintage when my great Aunt Betty got it; she wore it to sneak into record label parties in her teenage years. Family vintage is the best kind, and from the original Penny Lane?

Secret beauty tip: Two just slightly different shades of foundation. Use them to make a little patchwork on your face of highlight, contour, and add dimension

I never leave home without: a pen. sometimes a thing doesn’t untangle until it’s literally in cursive.

At 15 I was: learning

At 30 I will be: learning

Best advice I ever got: Undersell and overdeliver.

If I designed the world: All cats would stay kittens, and light pollution would not be a thing so that everyone could see a shooting star at least once in their life, and the ocean was always perfect swimming temperature and sharks were chill just like ‘whatup, wanna race?’ but let you win half the time on account of they’re massive, and rainbows would be a sustainable material out of which you could build a cottage or a treehouse or something.

Biggest pet peeve: “Sure.”

Happiness is: purpose. and vegan hot wings.