Coffee Mug Creations.

I love morning coffee like most people. Usually if i have time i will make some at home but I am also a giant fan of starbucks and coffee bean. I like their coffee because its always consistent. If you do work at a desk, or maybe make your coffee at home then i have some awesome mugs you might want to look into purchasing.

Do you believe your coffee mug is a direct correlation between your personality?

Breaking bad, soooo hot right now. Meth and Coffee yum.
I loved Legos as a child, whats better than a mug you can play with at the same time?
Oh how witty of you, a I’m With Stupid mug. The only stupid one is the person holding the lame mug handle.
Now you can pretend to shoot your co workers, with a nice cup of coffee. I would imagine you feel like a badass with the grip of a pistol in your hand.
This one is great because how many times do you need to have your other hand free but cannot because you’re holding a donut? This mug makes it easy! Now you’re not the only one stuffing your face.
My final mug, is pretty accurate for those bad days. Here have a nice cup of shit to go with your shit morning.

Whats your favorite coffee drink? Tell me your spots and drinks so i can find the best!