Check Out Our Favorite Supernatural Babes!

If you’ve turned on a TV or seen a movie in the past 5 years or so you’ve probably noticed that supernatural ANYTHING is where it’s at. We’ve done the hard work of combing thru the sea of supernatural hotties to present you with our favorites, grouped below in their respective categories. Take a look and let us know who we might have missed! We’re particularly excited for the next big thing Jamie Campbell Bower in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones so check it out when it hits theaters TODAY!


Alexander Skarsgard smolders as Eric Northman, the acnient but still hot vampire on True Blood.

Robert Pattinson set the bar high for fictional vampires, and we must say — he’s still the hottest undead out there.

Young upstart Ian Somerhalder rounds out this trio of hot vamps. Those eyes!


Taylor Lautner holds it down for the old guard of modern fictional werewolves, and looks pretty good doing so.

Joe Maganiello has really the most chiseled body we have seen on televion. We’re just gonna leave this picture here.

Tyler Posey is the newest fictional werewolf to hit our screens, but he’s fly and here to stay!


Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace, the enigmatic Shadowhunter of Mortal Instruments: City of Bones slays demons and looks good while he does it.

Jared Palecki. Supernatural. That face. Need we say anymore?