Check-Mate: Modern Checkboard Prints Are My Newest Summer Love

I can’t help myself – I just cant! My compulsion to buy absurd prints is too strong. I am an addict – just ask the mint green, ice cream print shorts I bought and never wore (if only they could talk from the depths of my closet).

My newish obsession isn’t such an obvious BUY-THIS-NOW feeling for me, but has much more potential in my wardrobe than a cat print sweater or the like. Unfortunately, I feel like this teeters on the line of modern/chic and ’05 Myspace scenester. I must say that I do believe each one of us has left a tiny piece of their soul in the depths of the ’00s myspace vortex – some pieces are larger than others. But should checkerbaord print stay there with our teased out hair, too much eyeliner and screamo bands with names that are way too long?

We all know checkerboard is ever-trendy when applied solely to Vans footwear. footwear. Let’s not forget the horrid checkboard belt I purchased in ’06 that made me look…well, i have no clever analogy, it was just bad. The point is when worn all over your body it could so easily fall into that Alice In Wonderland/Mad Hatter Mall Goth category, but, these new modern applications of checkerboard are more California-cool than ska kid lost in the skanking pit to me. I’m particularly obsessed with the high-waisted cut-offs from Forever 21. I think I want them. No, I need them.

What do you guys think about checkerboard prints? Wear them all day or delete them with your old Myspace account?

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