I Cant Believe You’re Human – Katie Lawrence

As I’ve featured before, the living doll Valeria Lukyanova has sparked quite a living doll madness among the masses. Twenty-year-old Katie Lawrence is currently living out the part of a living doll, just not exactly like a barbie the way Valeria is. Katie spends over 200 Pounds a month on make up, (which is about 300 dollars in the US). Looming from the UK Katie has brought quite a bit of attention from her piercings, to her amazing bubblegoth-like wardrobe, to look like a Japanese anime character.

After being bullied for many years Katie says that she now gets extremely positive reactions to her doll-like appearance, going under the alias, “Iska Ithil” on YouTube. Her channel shows how to achieve her perfected doll look.

Are you loving Katie’s amazing doll look like I am?