Buzznet’s First Black & Ball: The Dance Is Now Over

Thank you Rich 🙂

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Dear Everyone,

You are all the best ever. When I posted about doing a black and white photo assignment, I didn’t really know that you all would answer the call to arms and shoot all the things (with your cameras). We had quite a few entries for this assignment and it made me all happy and stuff. Thanks everyone that posted! You rock!

A lot of you also took part in the Buzznet Storytellers “Inspiration” Assignment, so cheers to everyone that made that project a hoot to read. On with le show!

This is going to be a long party but it’s oh so worth it. Here we go!


Dora snaped this picture in Vienna. It’s near a river where people do river things. It made us all want to take a dip in the water.


Forbidden shows us the view from her old window. We love the vintage look of this!

Summer Grace

Summer Grace’s Project 52 gallery is full of lovely black and white photos. She shares many things with us in all her projects.

Morgan Griffin McNair

Morgan took this photo in Old Sac. It really does have an olde tyme feel to it, doesn’t it?


JJ always has the best photos of her hometown on Long Island. Her photography is so much fun to look at.


Emma took a lovely Afternoon Stroll and gave us some monchromatic magic.


This is one of Jessica’s favorite shots she has ever taken. We can clearly see why!


Emma K. gives us a lesson in how to touch clouds with her photo from the Rocky Mountain National Park.


Lausai shares this beautiful and reflective photo that was taken right after some rain and flooding on a beach.


Annie’s strolls on the beach are always great. We’re glad that she shared this amazing view with us!


PrettyInPunk makes all of our avid sky photographers a little bit jealous with this cloud capture.


Lai framed this rather well, don’t you agree? Her gallery entitled “Pretty Outsides” has some rad photography in it. Check it out!


Breezy made us jelly with her aquatic imagery.


Alana’s pup was being camera shy but she managed to capture a great moment in pup history.


Sya’s cats remind her of her and her sister. Maybe that’s because they’re both adorable!


Here is Jane’s preshuz bb looking all adorable instead of all angry. We


Hilena gives us a lesson on impact points as she shares this image of her cat’s eyes.


Sara is magic, just like the 1975. She kept this photo true to their aesthetic of Black & White photography while dancing her bunz off at the Troubadour in Los Angeles.


Meghan shares a vitage view of a Street Car Named Desire for her entry.


Raven shows us a vanilla and lace find.


Jennifer throws caution and powder to the wind in this creative action shot.


Justin gets his hands (and face) dirty for this horror inspired photography class project.


I was listening to a lot of The Cure’s Disintegration one night and then this happened.


Lory decided to take a photo of her black and white Converse IN COLOR.

Hopefully I didn’t leave anyone out. If I did, let me know so I can add your entry to the party. Thanks again to everyone that participated. I should have a new assignment ready to go this week, so stay tuned because we’re getting RAINBOW-FIED. TTFN!