Buzznet Worldwide Tour: USA!!!

Hey Buzzneters!!! We are now about back to school( read more here) but I want to continue our musical journey. I hope that you too!!! It will be a little break during school things.

And the next stop it….. USA!!!!!

I think that everyone knows American music stage but today I’ll share with you the coolest artists!!! Are you ready??

Miley Cyrus!!!! She’s wonderful an actresse and singer. I didn’t follow her Hanna’h Montana era but I’m so proud of her. She inspired a lot people in the whole world. And it counts the most for me. Right now I love so much her style and I wish her like the biggest success!!!!

I love the most……

Demi Lovato is a powerful girl. She through by bad time and right now she gives hope and love to everyone who needs them. I admire her unique talent, beautiful voice and personality.

Incredible “Skyscraper”, co-wrote by Kerli, fantastic Buzzmaker.

Selena Gomez is one of the most beautiful artists in this world. Her talent makes her an awesome singer and person.

Taylor Swift!!! She is my favorite an American singer. Her songs means to me a lot and her shows are perfect!!!

True star and funny person as in this gif:

What do you think about these singers???

In the next week I’ll take you to… UK!!!